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Your new website design is out in the wild, you’re engaged in search engine optimization, but you want leads now!

Our digital marketing solutions also include PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. SEO is always the best long-term investment, but with PPC ads you can target your audience and show your ads today.

What is Pay-Per-Click advertising? Simply put, you set a budget for the keywords you want ads to show up for. When someone searches those keywords and clicks on your ad, that click comes out of your budget. So, you’re only paying when someone clicks on your ads!

SEO & Marketing Articles

Why Live Video is Taking Over

The rise of live video has provided brands and their fans a whole new way to interact with each other. It was only over a year ago when Meerkat spread like wildfire at South By Southwest and introduced the masses to live video streaming. Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, and...

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